Shocking results of Hate crime survey with MK taxi drivers

Two face-to-face surveys were carried out at the Hackney Carriage taxi rank outside MK Central Station by a small number of  volunteers from the Citizens:mk Fight Against Hate campaign team on 19th February (11 respondents) and 9th July (23 respondents).  Here are the results:

In the past 12 months… None Some Lots
1 How many ‘runners’ have you had? 13 (37%) 21 (60%) 1 (3%)
2 How much verbal abuse have you experienced? 11 (33%) 18 (55%) 4 (12%)
3 How many threats of physical violence have you experienced? 22 (67%) 9 (27%) 2 (6%)
4 How much physical violence have you experienced? 23 (77%) 6 (20%) 1 (3%)

So of 34 hackney cab drivers (33 of whom non-white) over the past 12 months:

  • 63% had runners (passengers who run from the cab without paying)
  • 67% experienced verbal abuse (12% experienced lots)
  • 33% experienced threats of physical violence (6% experienced lots)
  • 23% experienced physical violence (3% experienced lots).

And here are some of the respondents’ comments:

  • Police/wardens should clear out cars that park in the disabled bay
  • The police sometimes don’t help
  • 30-40 years ago I ended up in hospital.  They hit me with baseball clubs
  • I had a runner in High Wycombe.  He pretended to be a doctor
  • I had a Bletchley ride who didn’t want to use the meter
  • I had whole glass shield smashed.  The police didn’t respond.  That’s why people do it.
  • We don’t bother – just calm the situation
  • Keep quiet – escape – it happens regularly in the taxi.

The Fight Against Hate campaign team intends to extend this survey as part of research to see what can be done to reduce the hate crime and/or its negative effects.

If you would like to contribute testimony of hate crime experienced, or help to gather it, please contact Fidele Mutwarisibo.

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