Muslim leaders want better bereavement services

18 Muslim leaders from 8 mosques heard testimony from three people who have recently experienced trauma through lack of death registration services at the weekend. Now they are researching the Council’s interest and planning action.

According to Islamic law (shariah), the body should be buried as soon as possible from the time of death, which means that funeral planning and preparations begin immediately (including administrative & religious obligations). Burial is usually within 24 hours of death to protect the living from any sanitary issues and to honour the dead. Not burying the dead in the prescribed time carries a religious dilemma about whether the person was righteous. The Prophet of Islam clearly commands Muslims to hasten the burial:

“Hasten (the burial), if he is righteous, you are hastening him to good. If not, then it is evil you are removing from your necks.” [Bukhari]

At the moment the MK Muslim community is struggling to fulfil this religious commandment for weekends as there are no provisions or policy from the MK Council for out of hours registrations or burials.

To join the action team, contact Salim Msallam.

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