Fishermead Citizens first Leaders Forum 9.12.21

On Thursday evening Fishermead Mosque hosted Fishermead Citizens first forum bringing together 20 leaders from nine local civil society institutions: 7th Day Adventist Church, Action Speaks, Chinese Overseas Church Mission, Fishermead Community Association, Frank Howe Court, Fishermead Mosque, Salvation Army Lifehouse, Trinity Community Centre and Trinity Church (apologies received from Jubilee Wood Primary School).

Leaders from public sector and for-profit institutions also attended: Campbell Park Parish Council and The Coop Convenience Store.

After a welcome from Mosque President Thajudeen Lebbe, three Fishermead leaders took turns to talk about their recent experiences of community organising and training with Citizens UK. David Hart of Fishermead Community Association talked about his experiences of 3-day training, Rev Ian Herbert of Trinity Church talked the digital inclusion campaign and Ophelia Cole of Action Speaks talked about a recent action to clear overgrown vegetation from the entrance to Willows First School.

There was then a Weaving Trust carousel of 4-minute 121 conversations on ‘who are you and what issues would your institution like to see action on to improve Fishermead?’ (photo above) facilitated by Sophie Richens, a volunteer at Fishermead Trinity Centre.

Then each institution took turns to present to the whole group the issues of greatest interest to them and their followers, facilitated by Ruth Legh-Smith of Frank Howe Court, and these were recorded (below).

Finally it was decided that an action team of eight leaders (listed at bottom left in photo above) would work together to research and craft one or more campaign proposals to present to a Delegates Assembly, with a target turnout of 5 delegates per institution, hosted by Fishermead Trinity Centre at 2.30pm on Sunday 20th March 2022.

In a post-event evaluation, the Leaders Forum was scored 6 out of 10 due to absence of school leaders and some difficulty hearing one another during the Weaving Trust conversations.

Click here for further details about Fishermead Citizens alliance-building project funded by MK Community Foundation.

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