Lynx lays on cabling for Fishermead Community Centre

(Pictured above: Connor O’Dell, Bertie Canavan and Lee Mould of Lynx Networks)

Fishermead Trinity Community Centre now has fast speed connection to the internet and is a step closer to its vision of providing an internet cafe for local residents. Technicians from Bletchley-based Lynx Networks Plc laid the cables as an in-kind donation to the Centre agreed between Lynx MD Alan Bullen and Trinity Centre trustee Heinz Elbers.

“Business is a little light for us this mid-winter and we’re pleased to put our spare resources to a good cause,” said Alan Bullen. “We can see the value of providing an internet cafe here.”

Alan Bullen, MD, Lynx Networks

“It’s a huge boost to our vision,” said Heinz Elbers. “i couldn’t believe it when I explained the problem and Alan just said yes we can help. This is a good news story for business and community working together.

Heinz Elbers, Trinity Centre trustee

“With many thanks to Lynx Networks for the network cabling installation and the partnership with Vodafone to provide their Gigafast fibre-optic connection we can now offer the perfect location for computer-based training courses, as well as the ad-hoc zoom call, after-school clubs for online homework or even network games. As opposed to an often poor and unstable wi-fi connection, all halls can now provide a gigabit network connection. This is part one of a wider story as the cabling outside the office is the first big step towards our Digital Inclusion pilot project. ”

This win follows the summer launch of the internet cafe campaign, when MK Mayor Khan presented 35 laptops donated by Veritas Digital (see story).

Centre trustee Don Mahon said: “It’s been really hard up to now because the only reliable connection was in the office, so we could only help one or two users at a time. Now we can get internet anywhere in the Centre, even in the hall here where we hold church services on Sundays.”

Lee Wootton, lead cabler for Lynx, said: “it took us longer than we initially expected, getting around the brick and glass in the building. But at Lynx we pride ourselves on sticking to our word, and it’s been enjoyable to deliver this. it’s good for us to do good.”

Pictured above (left to right): Lee Wootton, Barry Stone (Lynx), Don Mahon.

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