Mayor celebrates cycling with egg hunt through city centre

MK Mayor Mohammed Khan presented awards to businesses and schools for their achievements in the Ride Anywhere 21st-27th March competitions. The Radcliffe School, The Open University and Volkswagen Financial Services topped the leader boards (see full results for businesses and schools).

In video clip above, Mayor Khan prepares for awards presentation

Following free Dr Bike services from Cycle Saviours, and an introduction by MK Community Foundation CEO Ian Revell at 5pm, the rally of 20 cyclists heard from Paula Lawson, Headteacher of The Radcliffe School, about how the school has substantially increased student cycling among students in recent months. Then the awards were presented by Mayor Khan (pictures of winners, with thanks to Adekunle Odunewu of Realsolid Media, and listing below).

Then there was an Easter Egg Treasure Hunt on bicycles (devised by Vernon Young and Vankata Krishnan), which involved cyclists following clues to collect mystery letters en route to the Light Pyramid in Campbell Park (on Midsummer and Silbury Boulevards) to make two magic words, revealed as ‘BETTER POINTS’. This was to celebrate MK Council’s launch of the new Better Points app which rewards MK residents’ sustainable travel choices. The overall winner of the large chocolate Easter egg, donated by John Lewis, was Miles Gray, aged 11.

  • School Cycling awards
  • Top Cycling School (students and staff) – most trips, 1st place – The Radcliffe School (279 trips) – collected by Paula Lawson, Headteacher and Top Encourager (6 new riders encouraged)
  • Top Cycling School (students and staff) – most trips, 2nd place – Ousedale School (28 trips)
  • Top Cycling School (students and staff) – most trips, 3rd place – Lord Grey School (19 trips)
  • Top Student Rider (most miles), 1st place  – Arthur Williams, The Radcliffe School (218 miles)
  • Top Staff Rider (most trips) – Steve Truan, The Radcliffe School (24 trips)
  • Top Staff Rider (most miles) – Jason Falkner, The Radcliffe School (209 miles)
  • Other awards: Top Student Rider (most miles), 2nd place – Jude Chamberlain, Ousedale School (118 miles); Top Student Rider (most miles) 3rd Place – Luke Marshall, Shenley Brook End School (113 miles).
  • Business Cycling awards
  • Open University – 1st most riders (41), trips (158) and miles (2099) – collected by Jodi Houghton
  • Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS) – 2nd highest average trips per employee, 2nd most miles (842) and 3rd most trips (49) – collected by Mel Welburn
  • Other awards: ICAEW – highest average trips per employee; Network Rail – 2nd most trips (52); Gemini Rail Services – 3rd highest average trips per employee; Top Riders (most trips):  Christopher Charles, Network Rail (13); Elizabeth Tribe (9);  David Smith, Gemini Rail Services (8); Top Riders (most miles):  Chris Binch, Cranfield University (187); Andy Sutton, The Open University (183);  David Black, Volkswagen Financial Services (167).

The next cycle rally in Station Square will be at 3.3-6pm on Thursday 30th June 2022.

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