Mayor launches Year of Cycling with Flower Ride through CMK

Following her ‘Year of Cycling in MK’ launch to Full Council earlier on Wednesday evening,

new MK Mayor Marie Bradburn led a community fun ride through Central Milton Keynes on Thursday 16th May.

Adorned in fresh flowers supplied by MK social enterprise Branch Out,

she was joined by 45 cyclists from all across the city.

After free Dr Bike repairs from Cycle Saviours from 4pm, people gathered with their bikes and were welcomed by Ian Revell of MK Community Foundation and Simon Rudiger of Cycle Saviours.

Ann Shrimpton of Breeze Women’s Cycle Group then introduced Mayor Marie Bradburn.

The Mayor outlined her vision of a ‘Year of Cycling’:

  • focus on children’s Bikeability training (80% target)
  • getting more women cycling (50% target)
  • helping MK City Council achieve Active Travel England rating 2.

Then she presented a special School Cycling Champion award to teacher Jake Saville of Two Mile Ash School.

Jane Whild of Voices of Women in MK presented the results of two important recent surveys: MK Adults Cycling Survey and MK Schools Travel Survey.

In response, Cllr Jenny Wilson-Marklew, Cabinet Member for Public Realm, spoke about what’s needed for MK City Council to achieve Active Travel England rating 2 & what the Council is doing to get there.

Then cycle parking campaigner Hazel Dean explained what’s needed to get bicycle parking at Sainsbury’s in CMK (details below).

After a ride briefing, the cyclists then set off up Midsummer Boulevard, with the Mayor accompanied by riders from Breeze Women’s Cycling Group, from Station Square to Campbell Park Light Pyramid.

Then a smaller group of cyclists stopped at Sainsbury’s to talk to the store manager about next steps in the campaign for better parking:

  • What’s currently wrong with the Sainsbury’s bike parking – underground and dangerous to get to with no infrastructure to secure bikes
  • What we want to see made available for bike parking at Sainsbury’s – better placed and secure racking outside the store with easy access
  • Why they have turned down helping us – say they have no money for such things even after another year of record profits
  • What we can do to change their minds – let’s go shopping and show them that cyclist are real people who buy stuff.

That’s another story.

Below: MK 2050 painting by local artist Tim Layden, below, will be hung in the Mayor’s parlour.

Thanks to MK’s outgoing Mayor and Mayoress, Cllr Mick and Mandy Legg, for their support of cycling in their mayoral year. At three Mayor’s Cycling Awards events they have presented 23 awards (7 businesses, 16 schools) for achievements in the Business Cycling Challenge and Schools Cycling Challenge.

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