MK adults cycling survey, Spring 2024

Following this research showing only one woman cycling for every three men cycling in MK, we collected responses from 459 adults in April. We are currently processing the data. Initial findings show:

  • 58% respondents were female, 53% over 50, 79% white, 11% disabled
  • 51% (of 416) cycle sometimes, 24% all the time
  • Among 370 non-cyclists, 33% don’t have a bike and 31% are not confident, 31% fear collision and 23% stranger danger.
  • 82% non cyclists (of 83) would like to start cycling
  • Of 287 cyclists, 39% feel unsafe on the roads, 4% don’t feel safe on redways
  • Of 346 respondents, nearly two-thirds say cycling would be easier if redway maintenance, surface quality or lighting was better, 26% if more people cycling on the redway
  • Of 352 respondents, health and wellbeing is ranked as no. 1 benefit.

Results for non-cyclists:

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