Action on Climate Change

This campaign began with MK school pupils during one-day training and its goals were formally approved by members of Citizens:mk’s Leadership Group, following pupil presentations, on 1st October 2019 (see story).

The campaign goals are:

  • 75% of businesses in thecentre:mk sign up for the Refill scheme by 1st April 2020.
  • At least three new Refill stations are created in big anchor shops (M&S, John Lewis or Intu) by July 2020.
  • Clean and accessible public water fountains are created (up to 8) by July 2020.

Some schools have created goals for action in their individual schools:

  • Half food wasted at Jubilee Wood Primary School by July 2020
  • Reduce plastic water bottle use at Orchard Primary Academy by 85% by Easter 2020
  • Provide Year 7 pupils at St. Paul’s Catholic School with school-branded water bottles by December 2019.

Another idea, proposed by Jean-Louis Button, the leader of Citizens:mk’s Life Skills for Young People campaign 2018-19 (now studying at University of Swansea), is to encourage institutions to use eco-friendly web browser Ecosia (see short video).

For further information, contact Tom Bulman, Community Organiser, tel 07962 838685.

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