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Funded by MK Council, the Cycling CitizensMK project (see instagram) began in January 2021 to increase cycle usage among Citizens:mk members and partners between January and July 2021. The project was extended to July 2022. An interim report (phase two) was produced in May 2022.

The broad aim is to increase the number of MK residents cycling to school and work and thereby reduce carbon emissions and improve personal health. Actions so far. Upcoming events include Bikeability Olympics for primary pupils 7.7.22 and a MK City Status Cycle Ride 14.7.22.

A project action team, with leaders from MK Green Alliance, MK Deanery, The Open University, was set up to promote and enhance cycle activities organised by MK Council, also create some new ones, The strategy is to:


Data from Love To Ride shows:

  • From calendar year 2020 to 2021 (to end June), there was a 31% increase in cycle trips (from 1,011 to 1,322) and 39% increase in miles (from 9,630 to 13,405) among CitizensMK members.
  • During Bike Month June 2021, CitizensMK members rode 10,808 miles in 728 trips, compared with 6,477 miles in 391 trips in Bike Month 2020.
  • 7 secondary schools in our newly created schools competition (all newly registered with Love To Ride this year) rode 4,365 miles in 299 trips.

See Ride It Out Gallery of riders.

See Vicar Gill, of Holy Trinity and St. George’s Church (MK Deanery), on her bike.

See Mayor’s Awards event 1.7.21

Ann Stewart of The Open University said: “I was becoming a COVID-19 lockdown coach potato so I dusted off my bike and ventured out on my local Redway. It’s the best thing I’ve done for ages! It makes me feel great and wakes me up in the morning. I discovered lots of new lovely places I didn’t know existed on my doorstep…and it trims my waist and legs (a major plus) in a gentle way. Count the smiles, not just the miles, on your latest adventure on your bike!”

See MK Grid Spinners one-minute video.

And inspiring video about cycling in Oulu, Finland.

More information below…

Get out and about with Get Smarter Travel MK – track your bus, join a bike ride, find a walking buddy. Travel smarter, healthier, cheaper and greener every day.

Access to Bikes

This scheme provides free bikes, helmets and locks to people who have been identified by professionals to be on a low income, unemployed, or socially disadvantaged. Recipients will benefit from this scheme as it allows them fair access to training, employment and opportunities to have fun on a bike, for health, wellbeing and social inclusion.

Grants for Businesses

Workplaces can apply for a ‘Sustainable Travel Grant’ to help implement measures that increase travel to your organisation by active and sustainable modes. The grants up to the value of £1,000 will support plans that are in place to encourage more people in Milton Keynes to walk, cycle, scoot or use public transport, building on the rise of public participation in greener, people-powered journeys.

Free Cycle Parking

Milton Keynes Council are offering free cycle parking for businesses.

And free Cycle Parking for schools.

Bikeability Cycle Training

MK Council offers a range of cycle training courses from learn to ride, confidence building, through to advanced cycle training – the courses are fun and educational and they’re for everyone, regardless of age or ability

eCargo Bikes for businesses

MK Council is helping businesses transition to cleaner greener transport, and has 12 amazing ecargo bikes to hire out. Not only does it boost businesses green credentials – but it supports a healthier happier workforce too

eBike Experience

MK Council offers free hire of e-bikes. The bikes will be available to hire for 4 weeks so that people can discover the joy and benefits of an electric assisted bike. The hope is that 4 weeks is enough to change a habit and people may go on to purchase an e-bike afterwards!

Get Around MK website

For information and inspiration to help people get around MK, including an A-B journey planner for walking, cycling and passenger transport so you can easily plan your routes. and an interactive map with various clickable layers showing Redways, EV charging points and Cultural Routes.

For information about all MK Council’s cycle activities, go to

Other rides

For details of other rides you can join, see:

Happy pedalling!

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