Obstacle Course

This contest is part of MK Bikeability Olympics 2023.

Contest Organiser: Richard Allman, Bikeability Instructor

Description: Contestants demonstrate Bikeability Level 1 skills using balance, dexterity, control and skill to negotiate a series of obstacles.

  • Station 1:  Ride around two lines of cones 1 metre apart in a U-turn configuration without going outside the two lines. 
  • Station 2:  Stop in the Box.  Riders cycle towards a box indicated by four cones.  They must enter the box and stop (it must be a complete stop) without putting their feet down.  Then they must leave the box and go to the finishing line. 
  • Station 3:  From the starting gate, riders must cycle to a cone on their left which has a bean bag on the top.  Without stopping they must pick up the bean bag, transfer it to their right hand and then deposit it into a bucket on their right. 
  • Station 4:  Gliding to a stop.  Each rider leaves from the start line pushing along with their feet only.  When they reach the ‘release’ line, they stop pushing and glide as far as they can without suing their feet or pedals.  The furthest distance is the winner. 
  • Station 5:  Slalom.  Each rider weaves in and out of a number of cones.  The distance between the cones gets closer together as they go further along.  Points are lost for each cone hit or missed. 

Scoring: Each contestant start with 20 points and for every error will lose 1pt. They will also be timed so the quickest has more chance of winning. There will be a time limit as well so any time over the limit will be scored as time faults (like in show jumping). The Contest Organiser will creat a spreadsheet to show what score each child has achieved.

Equipment needed: cones, chalk, bucket, bean bag and tape for the holding area.

Marshals: Network Rail volunteers Ben Edwards and Roberta Musson will be instructed by Organiser Richard Allman to stand at strategic points around the course to note faults incurred by contestants.

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