Pump Relay Race

This contest is part of MK Bikeability Olympics 2022.

Contest Organiser: Nicky Newlands

Description: Contestants demonstrate Bikeability Level 1 skills by taking turns to approach a large traffic cone with a bike pump on the top, take the pump, do a U-turn and replace the pump on the cone.

Time taken at the finish. If a contestant drops the pump they need to pick it up but then can continue. 

Start from rider 1 and 2 again. This time U turn the other way. 

Scoring: best time of both races. 

Equipment needed: 2 x large traffic cones, 2 x hand pumps, 18 x small cones in two colours and chalk to mark the course 

Marshalls needed: minimum 2 and preferably 3 x Marshalls with a time piece (mobile phone) will be either time keepers, keeping score or making sure the rules are adhered to, to include going the correct way for the U turns and seeing the riders keep to their lanes and rider welfare.

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