Relay Race

This contest is part of MK Bikeability Olympics 2023.

Contest Organiser: Nicky Newlands

Description: Contestants demonstrate Bikeability Level 1 skills by taking turns to approach a large traffic cone with a bike pump on the top, take the pump, do a U-turn and replace the pump on the cone.

Time taken at the finish. If a contestant drops the pump they need to pick it up but then can continue. 

Start from rider 1 and 2 again. This time U turn the other way. 

Scoring: best time of both races. 

Equipment needed: 2 x large traffic cones, 2 x hand pumps, 18 x small cones in two colours and chalk to mark the course 

Marshalls needed: Network Rail volunteers Deborah Pike and Alexslis Maindze will be instructed by Organiser Nicky Newlands to either keep and note timings (using their mobile phone) or ensure rules are adhered to, including going the correct way for the U turns and seeing the riders keep to their lanes; also support Nicky in maintaining rider welfare.

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