MK’s top companies cycle 6,500 miles in ‘Ride Anywhere’ week

Following the successes of Winter Wheelers in December and Cycle September, MK businesses, along with  MK schools, competed to cycle the most rides and miles during Ride Anywhere week, 21st-27th March 2022. ICAEW scored the highest average trips per employee (full results below).

The Mayor will award prizes on Thursday 7th April at 5pm in Station Square, followed by a short celebration ride through the city centre to Campbell Park and back.

Results of the week (awards below)

Name of companyNo. staffNo. riders in Mar22Trips cycled in Mar22Miles cycled in Mar22Average trips per employee in Mar22Average miles per employee in Mar22Top Rider – most tripsNo. tripsTop Rider – most milesNo. miles
ICAEW3739373730.0991.00Elizabeth Tribe9James Reynolds64
Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS)115217498420.0430.73Mel Welburn7David Black167
Gemini Rail Services UK Ltd3504132080.0370.59David Smith8Jeff Proctor85
The Open University48004115820990.0330.44Jason Keenor7Andy Sutton183
Volkswagen Group (VWGroup) 100018298130.0290.81Luke Ayres4Alastair C112
Nissan Technical Centre Europe10006265050.0260.51Paul Noble7Raff Russo162
Red Bull Technology9007211810.0230.20James Winepress8James Winespress57
World Vision280261040.0210.37Ian Turvey5Ian Turvey64
Network Rail350011524260.0150.12Christopher Charles13Christopher Shirley102
Cranfield University16006133210.0080.20Chris Binch5Chris Binch187
Atos1000181430.0080.14Kevan Findlay8Kevan Finlday143
Domino’s Pizza Ltd80015310.0060.04Mark Walker5Mark Walker31
Deliveroo20002101420.0050.07Steven Abraham6Steven Abraham87
BSI44011200.0020.05Alex Halasz1Alex Halasz20
Santander300024810.0010.03Neil Marchant3Neil Marchant55
Sainsbury’s Argos160002141420.0010.01James White5James White78
John Lewis9000029950.0000.00Lee Dixon6Joe Ramos59
    128,195           132           455        6,5260.000.05    


  • ICAEW – highest average trips per employee
  • Open University – 1st most riders (41), trips (158) and miles (2099)
  • Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS) – 2nd highest average trips per employee, 2nd most miles (842) and 3rd most trips (49)
  • Gemini Rail Services – 3rd highest average trips per employee
  • Network Rail – 2nd most trips (52)
  • Top Riders (most trips):  Christopher Charles, Network Rail (13); Elizabeth Tribe (9);  David Smith, Gemini Rail Services (8)
  • Top Riders (most miles):  Chris Binch, Cranfield University (187); Andy Sutton, The Open University (183);  David Black, Volkswagen Financial Services (167)

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