Fair Work – Research Campaign

At Leaders Forum 13.11.18, a team was set up to research issues of unfairness in employment in MK.  Its core members are Hala Alify of Trubys Garden Tea Room, William Appaih of St. Augustine’s Catholic Church and Linda McComie of Trubys Garden Tea Room (pictured above).

At its first meeting on 3.12.18, the team agreed to organise a listening campaign to find answers to three questions:

  1. What do you like most about your job?
  2. What do you like least?
  3. If there is ONE thing you can change about your contract what would that be?

These questions will be used at the Study Action on 5th January.

Team members agreed to provide respondents with slips of paper with an email address that they can confidentially contact if they have any issues or they show interest in joining the campaign:  fairwork@citizensmk.org.uk.

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