Fight Against Hate

A Fight Against Hate campaign was launched at Delegates Assembly on 7th February 2016 with the following goals:

  • engage with Arriva Buses to influence them to display posters raising awareness on hate with “Fighting Against Hate” posters on their buses serving Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas.
  • engage with our member schools to run a poster design campaign.  This will keep schools engaged; especially as there will be a small prize for the 5 or 6 posters selected for advertising.
  • work in partnership with MK Council to host a peer support meeting for victims of hate crimes by July 2017, to which we will invite power holders such as the Thames Valley Police and the MK Equality Council
  • meet with Thames Valley Police and MK Council to plan an event on best practice in restorative justice.

If you would like further information, please contact campaign leader Fidele Mutwarasibo.