Fishermead Citizens Alliance

Funded by a large strategic grant from MK Community Foundation and the National Lottery 2020-23, this project aimed to create a new broad-based alliance of faith, education and other community organisations, to tackle together the social issues faced by residents in Fishermead estate. 

Using the concepts and tools of Community Organising, developed by national charity Citizens UK, the project set out to develop residents as leaders, and strengthen local civil society institutions, to win pledges of action on community improvements from public and private power-holders, and hold them to account.

Born of the existing Citizens:mk alliance, it was hoped that a Fishermead Citizens Alliance (FCA) would use relational power to connect directly with the individuals and institutions which have power over residents’ lives.  The campaigns would be driven by the interests of Fishermead residents, not outside experts.  The experience of positive action would increase integration and social cohesion on the estate.

See Actions organised.

External evaluation was carried out by The Open University to inform and inspire other models of ‘hyperlocal’ estate-based community organising in other cities and areas, including MK’s Lakes Estate.

For further information, contact Community Organiser Tom Bulman, tel 07962 838685, email

alliance of diverse community organisations acting together for a thriving, inclusive and fairer Milton Keynes