Community Energy

Goals for 2016-17 are to organise for MK Council to:

  1.  Work with Wolverton Community Energy on a pilot community energy project, involving the installation of solar panels installed on at least 2 roofs it owns or controls.

2.  Work with Citizens MK to share lessons learned from this project with communities across MK.

  • Ensure that Full Council receives a report on the process and outcomes of the pilot project with Wolverton Community Energy
  • Provide all Councillors with a 10 point plan to help community energy within their Ward
  • Produce a good practice guide on community energy and disseminate to 50 Parish and Town Councils in MK and surrounding area

3.  Designate a Cabinet member and Director with responsibility for tackling Fuel Poverty, reducing energy use and making MK a more sustainable city, using regional and European funding available for community energy initiatives.’.

4.  Provide information to promote a Citizens:mk Big Green Switch initiative to MK residents, including training and support to volunteer ‘energy champions’ who will participate in a range of community events assisting MK residents with energy efficiency and switching energy providers.

For further information, contact Campaign Leader Marie Osborne.

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