Day of Action, 18.10.17

The Fight Against Hate campaign team is planning a Day of Action on 18th October 2017 to achieve the following goals:

  • publicly celebrate the children’s hate awareness posters by displaying them in front of the Church of Christ the Cornerstone in MK city centre
  • launch new hate awareness posters on Arriva Buses
  • engage with power holders, including MK Council and Thames Valley Police and the business community
  • hear testimony from survivors of hate crime
  • learn from other Citizens UK campaigners around the country about different ways of fighting against hate.

Guests are welcome.  Click here to book a place.

Click here to hear ‘Love is stronger than hate’ by the choir of Summerfield Primary School.

Click here to see design of posters on Arriva buses

The Day of Action will be held at Church of Christ the Cornerstone, 300 Saxon Gate, Milton Keynes, MK9 2ES

Below is the draft schedule for the Day.

Morning Launch
11am Welcome & Introduction (Fidele & Rev Mwaura)
11.05 Vital Signs update from MK Community Foundation – latest hate crime stats (Bart Gamber)
11.10 Testimonies of survivors of hate crime, introduced by Fidele:

  • Arif Masters,  Zainabiya Centre
  • Jennifer, MK Muslim Association
  • Daniel Thompson, Network Rail
11.20  121s on theme ‘what can I do about hate’ (Tim Norwood)
11.30 Presentation of ‘The Missing Muslims’ report by the Citizens Commission on Islam, Participation and Public Life (Esmat Jeraj, Citizens UK)
11.40 Pupil Noora talks about her winning poster design (interviewed by Tim)
11.45 Celebration song  from Summerfield School: ‘Love is stronger than hate’
11.50 Pledges

Citizens:mk members –

  • Rev Ernesto Lozada-Uzuriaga, Church of Christ the Cornerstone – we will host a workshop on unconscious bias which all offices holders and any other interested member will be encouraged to attend. We will report on this at the Citizens:MK accountability Assembly in April 2018.
  • MK Muslim Association – we will bring followers to Community Walk & Training in Fishermead on 4thNovember
  • Summerfield School – we will uphold and promote our value of kindness to others

Public sector organisations – pledges

  • MK Council – 1) to host two healing through hearing events for victims of hate crimes (Transgender and Muslim women); 2) to send two representatives (member of the Cabinet and Senior Executive) at a workshop on restorative justice hosted by Thames Valley Police between now and March 2018.
  • Thames Valley Police – will you 1) support Citizens:mk in organising a workshop on restorative justice between now and the end of March 2018?  2) provide a venue for the workshop?  3) cover the cost of bringing an expert to speak at the workshop?  4) pledge to monitor over the next 12 months, cases of hate crimes where restorative justice could be used, along with other relevant remedies? 5) nominate a liaison person to meet with Citizens:mk on quarterly basis to do follow up on the aforementioned pledges?

Business organisations – pledges

  • Arriva Buses – to work with Citizens:MK on a poster campaign during the hate crime week in 2018; to share best practice with regards to our diversity policy/plan.
  • Network Rail – to review and share policies relating to hate

Summary of next steps (Fidele)

12.05 Go outside front entrance for launch of Arriva bus poster (Rev John Robertson on behalf of Bishop of Oxford) and ‘flashmob’ performance from Summerfield School: ‘Love is stronger than hate’
12.25 Visiting Citizens UK leaders present headlines of similar campaign initiatives across UK
12.40 Thanks and call to further action – Fidele
12.45 End



Lunch & 121s

Afternoon Roundtable – Leaders from different Citizens UK chapters evaluate action and share best practice
1.45 Evaluation of action –  led by Tim Norwood
2.00 Short presentations from visiting leaders of Fight Against Hate campaigns in other Citizens UK chapters

  • Who we are
  • What we’ve done
  • What has worked
  • What what hasn’t worked.
2.40 Cross-chapter groups discuss and prioritise issues for potential national action
2.55 Next steps – Tim Norwood & Marzena Cichon-Balcerowicz
3.00 End



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