Healing by Hearing

Trying to meet the needs of hate crime victims/survivors through ‘Healing through Hearing’ events is one of the goals of our Fight Against Hate campaign.

If you have experienced hate crime in Milton Keynes, including hateful language, this could help you.

In a ‘Healing through Hearing’ event, volunteers who have experienced hate crime are given opportunity to talk for a few minutes about what happened to them and take open questions from a small group of others, usually 5-6, who have also experienced hate crime.  The goal is for victims to feel some relief from having their story heard and also to resolve some action(s) to take for further relief.  The sessions are confidential, professionally facilitated and run for no longer than two hours.  There is no promise of follow-up action by Citizens:mk, but we can facilitate links with Thames Valley Police if/when appropriate.

It’s experimental.  The first ‘Healing through Hearing’ event was held in June 2017 (see news story), where the following experiences were described:  verbal sexual abuse, bullying/victimisation, isolation, fear for personal safety, anxiety, not knowing where to turn, futility of reporting to police, anger and frustration.

These sessions are organised by Citizens:mk and held at MK Council offices, usually the second Tuesday of each calendar month at 7.30-9.30pm.  For details of next event, see Calendar of Events.

If you would like to attend a session, please contact:

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