What employees say about Living Wage

Muna Elmi, who works as a cleaner for Facillicom Services at the Open University, said:  “Having to do two jobs was difficult.  It was scary returning home late from my second job and cold in winter with just a cheap winter coat.  Since being paid the real Living Wage, life is less of a struggle.  I have more time, I have less stress, I can afford better winter clothes.”

Amin Hussein, cleaner at KPMG and Youth Worker, said:  “Before, I had to work two jobs to put food on the table and pay the rent. I had no time for my family or my community. When the Living Wage was introduced I was able to prioritise the one job and that means I’ve been able to be there for my family and set up a youth group in my community.  What I’ve been given, I’m now able to give back.”

Tracy Schembre (pictured above), Pastry Chef at The Open University, which achieved Living Wage accreditation in 2013, said: “Me and my husband both work full time to make ends meet, so family trips to the cinema and bowling have been few and far between. Now I have the Living Wage we can put that extra money aside so once a month we can now have a family day out without worry, which in turn has brought our family unit closer and happier together.”

Zara, another cleaner at KPMG, said:  “It’s made things so much easier…not coming home and being stressed with having £10 to last the next two weeks. It’s the stress more than anything”

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