What employers say about Living Wage

Nick Mann, Managing Director of Interdirect (pictured above):  “Many MK employers are already paying at least the living wage to their employers, so it costs no extra and gives them valuable CSR credibility and helps attract better employees.”

Carol Davies, Head of HR at NHBC:  “NHBC is proud to have been a supporter of the Real Living Wage since 2013. We recognise how important it is for everyone who works at NHBC to afford a decent standard of living. What’s more, paying the Living Wage helps us to attract and retain talented employees both at our Milton Keynes HQ and across the UK. We would encourage employers to do the right thing for their people and pay the Living Wage”.

Charles Ashmore, Partner at DFW Law, said:  “Responsible business means living up to our values, ensuring we are able to demonstrate the extent to which those values inform our business decisions and engage our people. Ultimately, it is about shaping who we are as a business, what we do and how we do it. In such challenging times, it is more important than ever that businesses act decisively by standing up and being counted as a force for good. Becoming a Living Wage employer was an important milestone in the way we do business.”

John Best, Arts Gateway:  “All too often artists and creatives are expected to work for next to nothing.  Paying the Living Wage puts down a marker that where people work for us we`ll offer more than the statutory minimum.  At Arts Gateway MK we have built the Living Wage into all our activities, and all our bids for external funding.”

Richard Wightman, Chair, Winter Night Shelter Milton Keynes:  “As an organisation we seek to treat well both our guests and employees. The single most highly valued expression of that for employees is that we pay at least the Real Living Wage, and we are pleased to do so.”

Bart Gamber, Director of Programmes, MK Community Foundation:  “For the first time the majority of families living in poverty are working families. Minimum wage is poverty wage that’s why we support the Living Wage, to give people a decent standard of living.”

John Cove, CEO, MK Dons Sports & Education Trust:  “The Living Wage is good for the employee; good for the organisation; and, most importantly, it’s good for the community. I’d encourage everyone to be, or strive to be, a Living Wage Employer.”


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