Police & Primaries Together

At the Delegates Assembly on 5th February 2019, campaign goals were presented by Headteachers Tony Berwick of Jubilee Wood and Kate Mathews of Southwood Primary schools (pictured), and formally approved by delegates (see below).

These goals were based on a survey undertaken by 366 junior children across Jubilee Wood and Southwood primary schools (including children from Fishermead, Oldbrook, Central MK, Conniburrow and Downs Barn), which showed:

  • 92% find police friendly
  • 68% want the police in school more
  • 56% have not spoken to the police
  • 25% do not feel about to ask the police for help if worried.

See full survey results.

Tony Berwick commented: “Of those children who have had contact with the police the vast majority felt the contact was friendly and therefore they are open to further contact. Although it would seem the those children who had contact with the police found them friendly and trustworthy we still have 1 in 3 children who feel negative about meeting the police.”

Campaign goals:

  • To increase children’s positive perception of The Police in the community, based on regular feedback and surveys organised through School Councils, by December 2019.
  • ORIGINAL WORDING ‘To log regular, informal lunchtime visits by TVP to our schools to mix and meet with children, at least once every 6 weeks’ CHANGED AFTER NEGOTIATION WITH POLICE AREA COMMANDER ON 26.3.19 TO ‘To monitor, evaluate and report on police presence in Jubilee Wood and Southwood Primary schools in Summer and Autumn Terms 2019.’

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