Weaving Trust

Weaving Trust is a campaign as a means of promoting contact between people who would not otherwise meet. The idea is that contact and conversation builds bridges, creates awareness and weaves trust. We have no other agenda, but we hope that the contacts people make will have effects, perhaps only a reduction of suspicion, perhaps something more.

The basic set up is for a “host” organisation to bring some of its members and we bring a roughly equal number of “guests”. We then lightly facilitate several “one to one”, or perhaps “one to two”, conversations lasting about 6 minutes each. We have a gentle wrap up session at the end. The event typically lasts two hours, perhaps less.

We have run more than a dozen events throughout Milton Keynes, and they have all been successful at least measured by people’s enjoyment of them and feedback about new insights gained and stereotypes reassessed.

One of our ambitions moving forward is to facilitate rather more challenging events where the level of distrust may be higher. In this regard we held a very successful event at Woodhill Prison.

We can’t promise any specific outcome or action. That is not our purpose. We can promise an engaged audience who will listen.

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For more information, contact Alan Bainbridge, Weaving Trust campaign leader.

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