House the Homeless

The ‘House the Homeless’ campaign was launched at Delegates Assembly on 5th February 2018.

The campaign goals for 2018-19 are:

  1.  Members of MK Homelessness Partnership Steering Group  publicly commit to the delivery of the recommendations of the  Strategic Review  at the YMCA Milton Keynes / Citizens:mk Sleep Easy event on 16th March and commit to making a quarterly progress report to Citizens:mk, starting at the Accountability Assembly on 24th April.
  2. By September 2018, one or more community events will be organised to enable pupils from at least two schools to talk directly to people who are street homeless and report the outcomes of this engagement and agreed future actions.
  3. By September 2018, MK Homeless Partnership Steering Group will publish a ‘Citizens Guide to Engaging with the Homeless’, available to all Citizens:mk member institutions and the wider MK community.
  4. By July 2018, the Leader of MK Council will arrange for our leaders to meet with the appropriate Council Officers to discuss the viability of a Community Land Trust in Milton Keynes.
  5. By July 2018, the Steering Group of MK Homelessness Partnership will include as an agenda item in one of its meetings a presentation about diversity issues among homeless people.

The launch team was Lawrence Morgan of Transition MK (leader – pictured above), Paul Griffiths of YMCA Milton Keynes (deputy) and Suzanna Raymond of Q:alliance, supported by Nikki Elgar of Summerfield Primary School and Linda McComie of Trubys Garden Tea Room.

alliance of diverse community organisations acting together for a thriving, inclusive and fairer Milton Keynes