Living Wage

Our Living Wage campaign aims to increase the number of MK employers who have Living Wage accreditation to 50 by the end of 2017, MK’s 50th anniversary.

See campaign progress to date.

Since we started this campaign in MK five years ago, the number of MK employers who have Living Wage accreditation has risen from zero to 46.   See what MK employers say about it in this  short film about our ’50’ campaign.

See table of MK’s Top 50 fair pay employers.

For an update on how this voluntary Living Wage differs from the Government’s new ‘national living wage’, see this.

Our Living Wage action team meets on the third Tuesday of each month, 5pm at Acorn House.

For more information, contact Debbie Wilson, Living Wage campaign leader, tel 07904 527653,

Or for more on the Living Wage nationally, contact Emma Kosmin at the Living Wage Foundation.

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