Mental Health

A Mental Health campaign was launched at Delegates Assembly on 7th February 2016 with the following goals:

Short term goals

  • Notebooks to keep treatment history, diagnoses and symptoms.  Goal agreed in September 2017:  Notebook to be trialed by 50 participants, with feedback received from 50% and reported in April 2018.  
  • IAPT option of Face to Face Assessments.  Goal refined in September 2017 to:  50 referees to be offered the Face-to-face option and half of those to provide feedback to be reported in April 2018.

Medium term goals

  • Self-Harm Training
  • E-Resources
  • Shortening discharge times
  • Replace the word “sectioning” for 24-hour observations
  • Peer Support Groups

Long term goals

  • Urgent care centre replacing A&E
  • CPNs in all GP surgeries
  • Crisis card “passport” for MH presentations
  • Day hospitals and weekend service to offer support.

Following meetings with Tyrone Blackford-Swaries, Director of MK Mental Health Services,  the team reviewed these initial goals in September 2017.

At the Delegates Assembly in February 2018, the following goals were approved:

  1. Notebook trials in Summer 2018 with 70 participants and evaluation with 35.
  2. IAPT surveys in Spring 2018 with 30 respondents from each of the Muslim and LGBT+ communities.

The campaign team members are:

  • Tess Price, Church of Christ the Cornerstone
  • Caro Marshall, St. Augustine’s Catholic Church
  • Paul Griffiths, MK YMCA
  • Brett Farrier-Smith, MK YMCA
  • Gail Hawks, Healthwatch MK
  • Janet Dawe, The Mix
  • Karen Trethewey, MK Quaker Meeting
  • Jill Boynton, Church of Christ the Cornerstone
  • Helen Pritchard, Q:alliance.

The team welcomes new members.  If you would like further information, please contact campaign leader Tess Price.

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