ACTION ON Misogyny

During May and June 2020 we conducted two surveys:

Experience of Misogyny in Milton Keynes
Experience of Misogyny in Thames Valley

The survey was closed on 13th June and the results are being analysed.

These are the preliminary results were presented to the Thames Valley Citizens Assembly on 11 June 2020.

Presentation to the Assembly
Draft Survey Report: Testimony 11 June 2020

Citizens UK have been campaigning to make Misogyny a Hate Crime since 2014.  This campaign aims to build on the work of Citizens Nottingham (pictured) and Citizens Greater Manchester.

The aim is to build on the Citizens:mk Fight Against Hate Campaign which ran during 2017-2018.

The campaign team members are from The Open University, MK Quakers and Church of Christ the Cornerstone. 

Information Sheet on the Survey: Experience of Misogyny in Milton Keynes

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