Redways Relaunch

A Redways Relaunch campaign was launched at Delegates Assembly on 7th February 2017 (pictured above) with the following goals:

  • 50 Improvement Projects across the Redway network in partnership with MK Council and The Parks Trust
  • 50 miles of ‘adopted’ Redway involving litter collections by schools and other organisations
  • £50 sponsorship each month from local businesses.

The first major action was an open meeting with the Leader of the Council outside Civic Offices at 2.30pm on Friday 21st April.

At this action (pictured above), 400 pupils from five schools and attended and presented individual testimonies along with results from student survey of 2,300 pupils.

The Leader of the Council was asked to make specific pledges of collaboration in making improvements.

See what happened at the mass pupil action.

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