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  1. Dear Tom,
    I am part of Citizens MK through St. Augustine’s. We are backing Kirsty’s climate change campaign. I’m keen on supporting all your green actions. Do you have a Green Alliance, which Kirsty referred to, or is that a larger network which includes Citizens MK?

  2. I am researching ‘Climate Income’, and I understood that I might find information about about a campaign under Citizens:mk.
    Unfortunately I failedto find a lead on your web page. I would be much obliged if you will help me please.
    Yours Charles Birch.

  3. I would love to be in contact with Lauren Jeffrey. I used to teach her at Sir Herbert leon Academy but left when she was in Year 9. So proud of the work she is involved in here. Could you ask her if she would like to be in touch?Many thanks, Wanda Herriman

    1. Hi Wanda, sorry I thought Lauren Jeffrey was now Cllr Lauren Townsend, but when I checked with her I realised I had the wrong Lauren. Sorry I don’t know Lauren Jeffrey.

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