15th September 2020 @ 6:00 pm – 7:15 pm
Tom Bulman
07962 838685

Click here for story of last year’s AGM.

Pre-reading:  reflection on organising leaders by Daniel Macintosh, Lead Organiser for West London Citizens.

DRAFT AGENDA (following  5pm Graduation & Learning Exchange, to which all are invited)

6.00  Introduce main outcome (launch Listening campaign) and rounds (just name and institution), 121 role play – co-chairs, Hala and Jane

6.10  What makes a good 121? –  121s in breakout rooms (8 mins plus one written reflection in Zoom Chat)

6.20  Community Organiser Report on 2020-21 – Tom

6.25  Finance Report 2019-20 & Budget 2020-21 – David

6.30  Appointments – Tom

  • MK Leadership Group (including deputies) and Co-Chairs, Treasurer and Secretary
  • Training:  online (9.30-12pm on 3rd and 24th Oct 2020), 3-day (18-20th Nov 2020), 6-day (21st-26th March 2021).
  • Unconscious bias training 29.9.20

6.35  Ambassadors’ reflections – Rob, Kurshida, Tim

6.40  Vital Signs update – Ian Revell, MK Community Foundation

6.45 Campaign and project updates – short presentations from campaign leaders & project organiser, Q&A – Kirsty, Jane, Chloe/Harvind, Steph

6.55  Why listening campaign important – Tim (organising leaders with winnable 121 targets) & Steph (121s lead to action)

7.00  Opportunities and challenges of listening campaign – Tom (listening tool) & discussion

7.10  Launch of listening campaign – targets & accountabilities

7.15  End.

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