Thames Valley Citizens & Citizens MK Delegates’ Assembly

25th February 2020 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
St. Frideswide's Church
Water Eaton Church Centre
Drayton Road, Bletchley, Milton Keynes
MK2 3RR.
Tom Bulman

What is a Delegates Assembly?

This year’s Delegates Assembly will hear and vote on presentation of campaign goals for the Police & Crime Commissioners Assembly on 29th April (see PCC Campaign_2019-20 plan).

  • Agree the agenda and turnout for the PCC Accountability Assembly
  • Build relationships between leaders and institutions in MK, Oxford, Reading and beyond
  • Enable leaders from Oxford and Reading to participate meaningfully in planning for the PCC Assembly on 29th April


6.30  Chairs (Hala Afify & Rob Paton) introduction & Reminder of  PCC context and overview of process

6.35  Roll call

  • 6.35  MK – each member institution by name and turnout number
  • 6.38  Oxford – led by Alison Webster:  group intro, why Diociese involved, plan for coffee morning action 18.3.20 and Bishop’s talk at start of 29.4.20 assembly. Jackie will give testimony about how Diocese is cutting carbon footprint
  • 6.41  Reading – led by Sarah Gardiner from Reading University, with testimony about the Uni’s cutting of carbon emissions, and someone from Reading Green Churches

6.44  Procedure for the evening

6.50  Presentation of  campaign proposals – 5 mins per campaign, answering:  what’s the issue/testimony?  what’s the SMART goal relating to the PCC?  who’s in the campaign team (3 member institutions)?

    1. Greening the police estate – led by Kirsty Forshaw of MK Green Alliance Commit to declaring a climate emergency across the Thames Valley Police Force, meeting quarterly with us to prepare and present your action plan at next year’s Citizens Accountability Assembly for going carbon neutral by 2030 (and carbon negative by 2050)
    2. School-police liaison – led by Neil Hutchinson of MK Academy and  Tony Berwick of Jubilee Wood Primary School – draft goal:  TVP contact and backup team attached to every school so that Heads can confidently expect communication throughout the school year and a shared understanding of local issues.
    3. Real Living Wage – led by Hala Afify, Rukhsana Malik – apply Real Living Wage to every employee and contractor in Thames Valley Police
    4. Fight Misogyny – led by Jane Whild 1) classify misogyny as a hate crime  (regardless of whether it becomes a statuatory duty) within one year and 2) within one year, report quarterly on each classified hate crime in terms of the gender of victims and perpetrators.

7.15   Clarifications and caucusing in MK institutions and  Oxford and Reading groups – inc questions to campaign leaders

    • is there any campaign they wish to stand aside from or veto (as not in keeping with Citizens values and approach)
    • which campaigns they favour (voting by institution)

7.30  Oxford and Reading give spoken reaction to campaign proposals – for which of these campaign proposals is there most likely to be testimony and support from your city?

7.40  MK institutions vote on campaign proposals

7.45  Agreeing the results – Chairs announce/interpret results and suggest next steps, seek agreement locally and remotely,

7.50  Turnout pledges for PCC Assembly 25.4.20 – how many members do you pledge your institution to bring?

8.00  Close.

Member turnout pledges:

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