2nd December 2019 @ 6:15 pm – 8:00 pm
Church of Christ the Cornerstone
Tom Bulman
PARLIAMENTARY CANDIDATES ASSEMBLY 2019 @ Church of Christ the Cornerstone

You are welcome to attend our Parliamentary Candidates Assembly

promoting respectful dialogue for informed voting.


The aim of this special assembly is to build public relationships with our future MPs for MK North and South, and explore their positions on issues that matter to Citizens:mk through dialogue with its member institutions and people.

This event will be video recorded for posting on Citizens:mk YouTube channel.

DRAFT AGENDA (unconfirmed speakers in italics)

6.10  Take seats

6.15  Welcome from Co-chairs, Rev George Mawra and Mayor Sam Crooks

6.20  Children’s song – Planet Water by pupils of Orchard Academy,  Springfield.

6.25  Our local campaigns – testimonies, goals and Asks (written on screen):

6.45 Citizens UK’s priority national campaign – Jane Whild and Tim Norwood, Citizens UK Leadership Group:  Mental Health.

6.50  One-to-one conversations

7.00  Response from MK’s parliamentary candidates (those unconfirmed are in italics)

    • Saleyha Ahsan, Liberal Democrats (MK South)
    • Alan Francis, The Green Party (MK South)
    • Stephen Fulton, Independent (MK South)
    • Hannah O’Neill, Labour Party (MK South)
    • Amarachi Ogba, Christian Peoples Alliance (MK South)
    • Iain Stewart, The Conservative Party (MK South)
    • Ben Everitt, The Conservative Party (MK North)
    • Aisha Mir, Liberal Democrats (MK North)
    • Charlynne Pullen, Labour Party (MK North)
    • Catherine Rose, The Green Party (MK North).

to the following questions:

    1. why are you standing for election? (one minute)
    2. response to one question selected by Citizens:mk Leadership Group from questions emailed in advance by registered attendeesIf elected, how would you make sure your priority is to Milton Keynes before your party, and how would you ensure the views of local residents aren’t ignored?  (one minute)
    3. response to Citizens:mk Asks below (two minutes).

(The bell will ring vigorously at the end of the time allotted, so all candidates have equal time.)

The asks – If elected, will you…

    1. Lead by example, through implementing in your own life and in the running of your office at Milton Keynes and at Westminster, actions in support of each of the Campaigns of Citizens:MK.  Start by calling for and enacting measures (such as appropriate funding and policy changes) to help rapidly cut greenhouse gas emissions and create a healthier, cleaner & greener environment in facilitation of MK Council’s vision to become carbon neutral by 2030.
    2. Liaise with each of the member organisations of Citizens:MK, visiting every one of them, to hear from their members, at least once in your five-year term of office.
    3. Work with local employers, community groups and Citizens:MK to further strengthen fair work practices in Milton Keynes; promote wherever practical a vision of the city as a place where all workers receive a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work and which leads the way with best practice fair employment contracts.
    4. Meet members of our Leadership Group twice each year, in Milton Keynes or Westminster, and report progress on each of the above at our annual Accountability Assembly.

7.45 Clarifying questions from co-chairs

7.55  Next steps

8.00  End.

8.10  Evaluation.


  1. I’d like to know if any of the Candidates are prepared to oppose the meat and dairy industry, and promote a change to organic arable farming for the health of the nation, to combat climate change and out of respect for animals?

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