Police Commander’s Workshop (TBC)

17th October 2019 @ 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
MK Police Station
Witan Gate
Milton Keynes MK9 2DS
Tom Bulman
Police Commander's Workshop (TBC) @ MK Police Station


  • Leaders of Citizens:mk member institutions  understand better the aims, operations and constraints of MK Police, through special access, to help them plan an agenda for the election of the Police & Crime Commissioner in May 2020
  • MK Police understand better the experiences of diverse MK community groups and get feedback on ways MK Police can improve its service.


As part of this process, Citizens:mk leaders are invited to  ‘ride-along’ with MK Police on duty, experiencing it from the back of a police car.  This will offer insight to the operational frontline role and can include some time with the duty Sergeants, neighbourhood and CID teams.  The time and length must be arranged individually with the Area Commander’s Office on reading this Application Letter and completing  three short forms:  Appendix B,  Appendix C and Appendix E.

Issues Workshop

A ‘table-top’ experience reflecting ‘a day in the life of’ from the perspective of a senior manager at MK Police and some of the day to day operational decisions that have to be made regarding professional standards and the deployment of limited resources against assessments of threat, harm and risk.  A Sgt or Inspector will sit on each table of participants.  Agenda:

  • Briefing on MK and Thames Valley Police force priorities as well as how MK Local Police Area is performing against them to offer some context
  • A daily management meeting where decisions have to be made regarding missing persons and the prioritisation of activity in response to the previous 24hrs’ events
  • Oversight of missing persons and their threat assessment
  • A complaint/discipline issue (supported by body worn video footage) where a decision needs to be made regarding whether the officer behaved, and used their powers, appropriately
  • The build-up of calls for service and the need to prioritise the attendance of response units against the offer of appointments over the next few days

Each feed will be based on real, but anonymised events, and may include decision making regarding the management of dangerous persons, child/adult safeguarding considerations and/or community tensions arising from a traveller encampment/car cruise but these have a heavier partnership ‘footprint’ whereas the above are quite police specific.

Workshop ends with ideas for improvement and initial discussion about ways Citizens:mk leaders can involve their institutions in supporting the Police effort.

Closing feedback:  Participants feedback on the experience of the Ride-alongs and Issues Workshop, with any initial suggestions for further improvement in Police operations.

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