Sing Out Against Hate Crime – pupils’ action at The Point

13th November 2018 @ 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm
The Point
602 Midsummer Blvd
Milton Keynes MK9 3NB
Tom Bulman
Sing Out Against Hate Crime - pupils' action at The Point @ The Point


12.30pm  Summerfield Councillors and School Choir arrive

12.40pm  Fidele introduces Richard Solly of Thames Valley to give statistics on recent increase in hate crime in MK

12.45pm  Summerfield pupils Harry and Maureen explain why kindness is important in their school and why they want to take action to reduce hate in the community.  Choir sings ‘Love Not Hate’

12.50pm  Fidele thanks choir and invites two testimonies from Summerfield School about how hate crime affects them – Ms Elgar, pupil Sophia

12.55pm  Jennifer and Gwen/Arif talk about their own experiences of hate crime

1pm  Kieran Lawson states what Arriva have done to support the Citizens:mk campaign and why

1.05pm  Summerfield Councillors greet two Arriva Bus drivers with garlands and a message of thanks to share with all Arriva drivers

1.10pm  Fidele asks for further pledges from power-holders:

  • Fidele asks Kieran Lawson:  to organise for a group of bus drivers to be interviewed by Summerfield pupils about their experiences of hate.
  • Pupils ask Cllr Sam Crooks,  Deputy-Mayor of MK, to include in his mayoral speeches whenever relevant that MK’s young people want to promote love not hate.
  • Pupils ask MKFM to also promote their campaign on the radio.

1.15pm  Summerfield pupils hold hands in a ring around the Arriva booth and walk around chanting ‘Love not hate, Together we can do it, Love not hate, Together we can do it…”

1.20pm  Action ends, BBC Look East interviews participants

1.30pm  END

See Fight Against Hate campaign

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