Weaving Trust between BAME communities and MK education providers – DATE T.B.C.

23rd November 2020 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Tom Bulman
07962 838685
Weaving Trust between BAME communities and MK education providers - DATE T.B.C. @ https://zoom.us/j/3863655749

Are you from a Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic community and interested to share your experiences of MK education services and hear about the experiences of education service providers?


Book your place here – zoom address to be sent to registered attendees by email before the event

This Weaving Trust event will help BAME communities and MK education service providers to understand better the issue of fair access to education services.  It is hoped this will lead to new opportunities for understanding, collaboration and perhaps action to improve the way things are.

What will happen?

6.30pm   Welcome from Fidele Mutwarisibo of Church of Christ the Cornerstone and Chris Holmwood of Shenley Brook End School.  Two short stories of ‘why I am here’.  Poem from Lilianne?

6.40   8-10 people from BAME communities meet with 8-10 education service providers in a carousel of one-to-one conversations about ‘what I like about living/working in MK and what I find difficult’

7.40   Share ‘surprises in what you heard’ (these are recorded)

7.50  What can power-holders do?

7.55  Set up small group to develop priority issues for potential action.  Everyone write in Zoom Chat one action s/he will take as a result of this evening’s Weaving Trust event.

8.00   END


It is hoped that all participants will enjoy this event and feel more confident relating to MK people they don’t know and some will go away ready to take action to improve delivery for BAME communities of education services.

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