One Day Training @ MK Quaker Meeting House
Sep 23 @ 9:15 am – 3:30 pm

This training will be co-led by Tom Bulman and Jonathan Cox, Deputy Director of Citizens UK.

Click here to register for 23rd September 2019.


Action on Climate Change – One Day Training for Schools @ Southwood Primary School
Oct 1 @ 9:30 am – 2:45 pm
Action on Climate Change - One Day Training for Schools @ Southwood Primary School

The planet is under threat from global warming and schools want to take action by reducing waste, the theme of this training.  Some ideas for reducing waste are:

  • increase availability of water fountains/taps in public areas to reduce the waste of single-use plastic bottles.
  • increase knowledge of food waste to reduce it
  • increase awareness of correct use of recycling bags to reduce environmental and financial costs.

School councillors from the following schools will be attending:  Jubilee Wood Primary, MK Academy, Orchard Primary, St. Monica’s Primary, St. Paul’s Secondary, Southwood  Primary.

DRAFT AGENDA (speakers in italics to be confirmed)

9.15      Arrival & Registration at Southwood Primary School, Bryony Pl, Conniburrow, Milton Keynes MK14 7AR

9.30     Welcome and Why are we burning our home (team quiz)

9.40    Introduction to core concepts (Power and Self Interest) & ‘Weaving Trust’ activity between students of different schools (What do you do to reduce global warming?  What do you think the MK shopping centre do to reduce global warming?)

10.00       Presentations and testimonies from leaders of MK Green Alliance on the impact of food waste, single use water bottles and recycling at MK shopping centre

    • Kirsty Forshaw – reduce food waste
    • Craig Broadbent – travel pollution waste
    • Sharon Ghoulia

10.15     Research plan – identify and prioritise issues, design questionnaire for listening campaign (example survey), brief on research roles, allocate survey locations

10.45     BREAK & move to survey locations in shopping centre

11.00     Research Action – survey shop managers and centre users

12.15    Arrive at afternoon location, Council Chamber at MK Civic Offices MK9 3EJ, for lunch (pupils’ packed lunches).

    • Cllr Hannah Minns, Climate Change Task and Finish Group’ – MK Council has pledged to be carbon neutral by 2030
    • Cllr Lauren Townsend – young people can have a big impact
    • short video on Ecosia from Citizens:mk campaigner Jean-Louis Button
    • David Chapman – my campaign to reduce the carbon footprint of Cornerstone Church

12.30    LUNCH (packed lunches) & Crunch (the data)

1.00       Present survey results & prioritise issues for action

1.30       Create SMART campaign goals

1.45       What MK Council is doing to act on climate change, and what it’s like for me being involved in it, and who has the power to help us do more – Cllr Jennifer Marklew, Cabinet Member for Sustainability and Climate Action

1.50       Power analysis – who has the power to achieve the goals, what is their interest?

2.00       Agree campaign action plan

2.15       Citizens:mk Assembly at Council Chamber (or amphitheatre outside M&S if good weather) – presentation of research findings  and  campaign goals to leaders of Citizens:mk member institutions for their approval

2.30       Evaluation

2.45       END.

Please contact Tom Bulman, tel 07962 838685, to book places.

Citizens UK Delegates Assembly and public action with new Government – Westminster
Oct 15 @ 12:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Citizens UK Delegates Assembly and public action with new Government - Westminster

Citizens UK Delegates Assembly and public action with new Government – see letter below from CUK Director Matthew Bolton, 17.9.19

Dear Leadership Groups and Organisers,

With all the political turmoil – today we will hear from the Supreme Court whether the Government acted illegally in proroguing Parliament – it is hard to predict what the next few months will bring. But it is looking increasingly likely that there will be a General Election before Christmas and so we should get ourselves ready to seize that opportunity. It’s a chance for us to push forward on our urgent campaigns for social justice and demonstrate an approach to politics that is built from the concerns of everyday people, with relationships and public accountability at its heart.

Fortunately, we already have our Citizens UK Delegates Assembly scheduled in 4 weeks, in what is currently looking like decent timing to set our strategy and priorities for a General Election.

Citizens UK Annual Delegates Assembly

Tuesday 15th October from 12pm-4.30pm

London Muslim Centre, 46 Whitechapel Rd, London E1 1JX

The Citizens UK Leadership Team, 25 leaders drawn from across our 15 Chapters, have been meeting on video conference monthly for the last 5 months and helping to shape the plans for this important action.

Turnout & travel: We are asking each Chapter to send between 5-10 leaders and at least 1 Organiser.  Off-peak train fares for those outside of London will be funded and purchased centrally (please let know who will be attending), or we can cover petrol if people could come in groups in cars.

Key aims:

  1. Relationships between leaders across the 15 Chapters.
  2. Training sessions on running an effective Leadership Group and on Organising Money.
  3. Decision-making on our strategy and campaign priorities ready for a General Election.

Preparation in advance:

  1. Come with a power analysis of the Parliamentary Constituencies in your area, including where you think you could hold Accountability Assemblies or have diverse delegations negotiate with candidates.
  2. Identify the key issues your Chapter would want to push at a UK level, and the local issues you would want to raise with your candidates.
  3. Request a meeting with your local MP(s) at 5pm on 15th October in Westminster.



  • Roll-call
  • Lunch & 1-2-1s
  • Stories of community organising success from around the UK

 13:00-14:30 LEARNING

A range of workshops to choose from, including:

  • How to be an effective member of a Leadership Team
  • A power analysis of the UK government
  • Election campaigning preparation
  • Tools for leadership development
  • Building core teams
  • Developing your institution through community organising
  • Increasing the ‘hard money’ in your Chapter budget

 14:30-16:30 DEMOCRACY

  • Deciding our strategy to engage the UK Government, especially in relation to Strangers into Citizens and the Real Living Wage
  • Agreeing our plan if an election is called


  • Many Chapters have said they would like to use the time between the end of the Assembly and the start of off-peak trains to go to Westminster to lobby their sitting MP on national CUK and local Chapter issues, and deepen our power analysis ahead of an likely election.
  • This time could also be used to build stronger relationships with other Chapters or continue learning.

Please contact me or Jonathan with any queries or suggestions on the agenda and confirm attendance with Marta asap so she can arrange tickets.


Matthew Bolton, Executive Director

For more information, contact Tom Bulman, tel 07962 838685.

Police Commander’s Workshop (TBC) @ MK Police Station
Oct 17 @ 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Police Commander's Workshop (TBC) @ MK Police Station



  • Leaders of Citizens:mk member institutions  understand better the aims, operations and constraints of MK Police, through special access, to help them plan an agenda for the election of the Police & Crime Commissioner in May 2020
  • MK Police understand better the experiences of diverse MK community groups and get feedback on ways MK Police can improve its service.


As part of this process, Citizens:mk leaders are invited to  ‘ride-along’ with MK Police on duty, experiencing it from the back of a police car.  This will offer insight to the operational frontline role and can include some time with the duty Sergeants, neighbourhood and CID teams.  The time and length must be arranged individually with the Area Commander’s Office on reading this Application Letter and completing  three short forms:  Appendix B,  Appendix C and Appendix E.

Issues Workshop

A ‘table-top’ experience reflecting ‘a day in the life of’ from the perspective of a senior manager at MK Police and some of the day to day operational decisions that have to be made regarding professional standards and the deployment of limited resources against assessments of threat, harm and risk.  A Sgt or Inspector will sit on each table of participants.  Agenda:

  • Briefing on MK and Thames Valley Police force priorities as well as how MK Local Police Area is performing against them to offer some context
  • A daily management meeting where decisions have to be made regarding missing persons and the prioritisation of activity in response to the previous 24hrs’ events
  • Oversight of missing persons and their threat assessment
  • A complaint/discipline issue (supported by body worn video footage) where a decision needs to be made regarding whether the officer behaved, and used their powers, appropriately
  • The build-up of calls for service and the need to prioritise the attendance of response units against the offer of appointments over the next few days

Each feed will be based on real, but anonymised events, and may include decision making regarding the management of dangerous persons, child/adult safeguarding considerations and/or community tensions arising from a traveller encampment/car cruise but these have a heavier partnership ‘footprint’ whereas the above are quite police specific.

Workshop ends with ideas for improvement and initial discussion about ways Citizens:mk leaders can involve their institutions in supporting the Police effort.

Closing feedback:  Participants feedback on the experience of the Ride-alongs and Issues Workshop, with any initial suggestions for further improvement in Police operations.

Graduation & Learning Exchange @ TBA
Sep 15 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Graduation & Learning Exchange @ TBA

This meeting will precede the Citizens:mk Annual General Meeting.

Click here for details of  Graduation & Learning Exchange 2018-19.


Participants in the Citizens:mk One-Day Training courses of 23.9.19 were asked to complete a booklet during the course of the day and make a short presentation at this event, covering one or more of the following:


  • What did you want to change?
  • Was it winnable, achievable and meaningful?
  • Whose self interest did this meet?
  • What was the power analysis of your context?


  • What action did you plan?
  • What was it meant to achieve?
  • What happened on the day (s)?


  • What were your, and others, feelings on the day?
  • How did the logistics of the action go?
  • Did you get the turn out you wanted?
  • Did it get the reactions you wanted on the day and afterwards?
  • How did it develop you and your team?

alliance of diverse community organisations acting together for a thriving, inclusive and fairer Milton Keynes