How we work

We believe this:  if you want to make change, you need power.

We build power through relationships, finding common self-interest in 121 conversations with followers and peer leaders to create a broad-based alliance of community groups.

We then engage in campaign research, action and evaluation (outlined below), engaging with power-holders to win improvements in social justice.

In the process we develop our leaders…and do it again and again to build our power.


  • Listen closelyListening is vital to all we do.  Leaders organise listening within their institutions for issues concerning members (usually in Autumn) and bring these issues to Leaders Forum.
  • Prioritise issues – Here alliances are formed with other institutions who have common self-interest in addressing one or more issues.
  • Craft SMART goals – Leaders from different institutions collaborate in small teams to research issues and create SMART campaign goals (over Winter), then present to Delegates Assembly (usually in February).  There, delegates formally approve campaign goals and pledge support for actions to win campaign goals.


  • Talk to power holders – Leaders from different member institutions work in campaign teams to have talks with power holders, to find out their interests, begin negotiations and invite them to our annual Accountability Assembly (usually in April).
  • Take public action on power holders – At the Accountability Assembly, power-holders make pledges and are held to account by all member institutions and members of the public.


  • Evaluate openly – After all actions, we reflect on the turnout, logistics and the performances of leaders that made the action effective in achieving campaign goals, and celebrate with those who shared power the achievements of the alliance.

See ‘iceberg’ image of how Action relates to Research and Evaluation(courtesy of David Thom, Lay Chair of MK Deanery.)

alliance of diverse community organisations acting together for a thriving, inclusive and fairer Milton Keynes