How we work

Our basic argument is this:  if you want to make change, you have to have power, and you get this through relationships with leaders.  Our typical activity involves a series of steps to achieve this (each linked to a whole-alliance event).

Step 1: Listen for issues and share them with others (Leaders Forum)

Leaders organise listening within their institutions for issues concerning members.  Leaders bring these to Leaders Forum, late Autumn.  Here alliances are formed with other institutions who have common self-interest in addressing one or more issues and research begins to create SMART campaign goals.

Step 2:  Research & propose campaign goals (Delegates Assembly)

Leaders from different institutions collaborate to research issues and create SMART campaign goals in common self interest, then present to Delegates Assembly in February.  Delegates formally approve campaign goals and pledge support for actions to win campaign goals.  Planning begins to negotiate with power holders and invite them to Accountability Assembly and commit publicly to campaign goals.

Step 3:  Take action to achieve wins and hold power-holders to account (Accountability Assembly)

Leaders from different member institutions form campaign groups which meet regularly to plan and take actions, negotiating with relevant power-holders to act in support of campaign goals and hold them to account at annual Accountability Assembly attended by all member institutions and members of the public.

Step 4:  Evaluate actions and celebrate wins (Summer Picnic)

Reflect on the turnout, logistics and star performances of leaders that made the action effective in achieving campaign goals and celebrate with those who shared power the achievements of the alliance.