A vital aspect of our continuing research is finding out the issues of social injustice which our members see in Milton Keynes.  We do this by listening carefully.

It’s not rocket science but there are specific techniques which we use, principally through a series of one-to-one meetings, to find out what the issues are and what people think about them.

Each Autumn we undertake a series of insitution-based Listening Campaigns, the main findings of which are brought to a Leaders Forum event in late November.

To assist the process, a Listening template can be used.  What matters most is that individuals are asked open questions, the questioner shares information about him/herself, and the process of conversation is encouraged.

Ideally, a number of each institution’s members have one-to-one conversations with a number of others within that organisation and all the findings are fed back to the leader(s) who represent that institution at the Leaders Forum.

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