Local training

Each year we run courses for people who want to develop their own community leadership knowledge and skills.  These are  free to our member institutions and cover the following:

  1. Self-interest – Why and how to communicate self-interest, do 121s, listen for issues affecting people in your institution
  2. Issues – How to present your institution’s issues and work with others to prioritise issues in a broad-based organisation
  3. Research – How to research common issues, analyse power and plan SMART campaign goals
  4. Negotiation – How to generate turnout and negotiate with power holders
  5. Action – How to understand different cultures and organise a public action
  6. Evaluation – How to evaluate, celebrate, reflect on power and leadership, develop a habit of action.

Participants are expected to take actions following the training and receive support from their institutional leader and/or the Community Organiser.

We run Two-Day Training for adults and One-Day Training for school pupils.

To find out about more about upcoming courses,  click events.


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