Local training

Each year we run a series of six training sessions for community leaders in Milton Keynes, each 30-90 minutes long.  These are  free to our member institutions and cover the following topics:

  1. Self-interest – Why and how to communicate self-interest, do 121s, listen for issues affecting people in your institution
  2. Issues – How to present your institution’s issues and work with others to prioritise issues in a broad-based organisation
  3. Research – How to research common issues, analyse power and plan SMART campaign goals
  4. Negotiation – How to generate turnout and negotiate with power holders
  5. Action – How to understand different cultures and organise a public action
  6. Evaluation – How to evaluate, celebrate, reflect on power and leadership, develop a habit of action.

These sessions are delivered half-termly in Central Milton Keynes, for all members, and separately in schools.  Participants are expected to take actions between each session and participate in termly events.