Following Two-Day Training, trainees are invited to sign up for Mentoring from a member of our Leadership Group who has attended the Six-Day Training course run by Citizens UK.  The expectation is that each trainee will meet with their mentor three or more times, at mutually convenient dates/times/locations, over the following nine months.  The trainee is expected to initiate these meetings, realising that the mentor is volunteering their time as a mentor.

The overall aim of this mentoring scheme is to strengthen leadership at different levels of Citizens:mk and beyond, especially by broadening networks of relationships.

The remit of the mentor is to:

  • ask open questions and listen to the challenges which the trainee faces as a community leader
  • refer to the tools of community organising, especially the stick person, 121 and power analysis
  • suggest other contacts within the Citizens:mk network for you to link with as appropriate.

Any questions about the scheme should be referred to the Community Organiser.

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