Following Two-Day Training, trainees are invited to sign up for Mentoring from a member of our Leadership Group who has attended the Six-Day Training course run by Citizens UK.

The expectation is that each trainee will meet with their mentor up to three times, at mutually convenient dates/times/locations, over the following six months.  The trainee is expected to initiate these meetings, appreciating that the mentor is volunteering their time as a mentor.

The aim of this mentoring is to strengthen leadership at different levels of Citizens:mk and beyond, especially by broadening relational networks.

The remit of the mentor is to:

  • ask open questions and listen to the challenges which the trainee faces as a community leader (see below some useful questions)
  • refer to the tools of community organising, especially the stick person, 121 and power analysis
  • suggest other contacts within the Citizens:mk network for you to link with as appropriate.

These meetings are confidential.  The Community Organiser should be informed only that the meeting has taken place.

Get Tim’s experience.

Any questions about the scheme should be referred to the Community Organiser.


  • What issue makes you angry?
  • What is your vision for change?
  • Who holds the power to make the change?
  • What is the power-holder’s interest?
  • What action will get his/her attention and commitment to your agenda?
  • Who is in your team?
  • Which followers, peer leaders and/or power holders have you had 121s with?
  • How are you developing team members?
  • How are you scheduling your time?
  • What support do you need?
  • Who will you have a 121 with next?
  • What will you tell me about at our next meeting?

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