Two-Day Training

Two-day training normally takes place in September/October and is open to all member institutions (at least one free place per member institution) and aims to equip individuals to lead community organising in their institutions and/or the local community.  It is not passive.  Attendees are expected to participate and learn actively during the course, then, with the support of our Community Organiser and Leadership Group members, lead a listening campaign and action for social change over the following nine months.

See stories of Two-day training courses held in 2016 and 2017.

The Two-Day Training will cover all essential aspects of the curriculum for community organising, including:

1.    Listening – Why and how to communicate self-interest, do 121s, listen for issues affecting people in your institution
2.    Issues – How to present issues and work with others to prioritise issues in a broad-based organisation
3.    Research – How to research common issues, analyse power and plan SMART campaign goals
4.    Action – How to understand different cultures and organise a public action
5.    Negotiation – How to generate turnout and negotiate with power holders
6.    Evaluation – How to evaluate, celebrate, reflect on power and leadership, develop a habit of action

Although the Two-Day Training is intended primarily for leaders from member institutions, places on the course are normally available to leaders and potential leaders from non-member institutions for a fee.  In 2017-18,  some of these places were free thanks to a community grant from MK Community Foundation,which enabled an additional process of optional follow up activities for all trainees:

  • Twilight Training sessions (Research, Action, Evaluation),
  • Action Learning Sets ending with final short presentation in the last session
  • Three mentoring sessions with a member of the Leadership Group

It is hoped that free places will also be available in 2018-19, pending a bit to MK Community Foundation.

If you are interested to attend our next Two-Day Training, 28-29th September 2018, 9.30am-4.30pm both days, and/or follow up activities, book here now and/or contact our Community Organiser.


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