What’s it like, Suresh?

Suresh Nesaratnam  attended the 6-day training led by Citizens UK at the Open University in June 2015.  Afterwards he said:

“The Facilitators were from diverse backgrounds and excellent, and the real examples of the actions they’d been involved  with brought the Course to life . We gained knowledge and experience in how to build alliances seeking out interests, so that we can work synergistically,  and how to negotiate.

“I came away realising that, to achieve anything, we need the power of people behind us, and this means numbers. Also, we need to keep talking with ‘adversaries’, even when all seems lost. Finally, there are still good people out there who care for their fellow human beings.

“The Course was a wonderful opportunity to make new contacts and friendships.”

alliance of diverse community organisations acting together for a thriving, inclusive and fairer Milton Keynes