What’s a 1-2-1 ?

The aim of a 1-2-1 is to build a public relationship with another person. It’s based on sharing genuine interests in issues affecting the community. The essential skill required is active listening.

Here are some tips to help you ‘LISTEN’:

  • Locate – choose somewhere quiet enough to hear and be heard easily, not distracted by other people or things.
  • Intend – intentionally ask the questions you would like answered.  You can make a note of them beforehand.
  • Self-disclose – tell the person what matters to you and share a story about your own experiences of social injustice.
  • Time – set a time limit for the conversation and take it seriously.  Everyone is busy.  Say at the start how long you would like.  Agree on a time and stick to it. 45 minutes is long enough.
  • Enquire – enquiry means asking questions which can be answered, so use this opportunity to ask the other person about what they know well.
  • Next steps – help the other person realise they have had an impact, and encourage yourself to take action, by saying at the end what you plan to do next.

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